Seniors First

By Andrews Leao 2013-09-05


Seniors First Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness Program  has served as a pillar of strength to low-income seniors living in the Model City, Liberty City, Little Haiti, Wynn-wood, Overtown and Little River communities under the wings of Communities United, Inc. since 2005.

Our purpose is to educate, train and prepare our seniors at such venues as senior towers, churches, neighborhood associations and community development organizations in order that they may protect themselves and have the tools necessary when an emergency or disaster strikes our community.  Seniors are provided with hurricane kits and information to create a greater awareness of available resources to also assist them with home repairs and what to do after a storm.

Beyond this initiative, Communities United, Inc. also strives to empower and educate the underserved to become self-sufficient, health conscious and positive about their communities. There are multiple components to our plan that includes data gathering, preparation, awareness of emergency shelter locations, and community and government resources.   Our focus is that they have a plan and that it works.