Miami-Dade County encourages individuals living in storm surge planning zones and mobile homes to have arrangements in place to stay outside of the areas called for evacuations during a tropical storm or hurricane. These arrangements should be in place prior to the start of hurricane season (June1st).

For those unable to make such arrangements Hurricane Evacuation Centers will be open as shelters of last resort. Individuals that are unable to provide their own transportation to a Hurricane Evacuation Center can use public evacuation transportation.

Miami-Dade Transit will activate specific Emergency Evacuation Bus Pick-Up Sites by zone (zones are listed on pages 2-4) as directed by Miami-Dade Emergency Management. In addition to the zones, mobile home parks are vulnerable to high winds and have designated Evacuation Bus Pick-Up Sites (listed on pages 5-6). If a designated Emergency Evacuation Bus Pick-Up site is not located near you, regular Miami-Dade Transit bus service will continue and residents can utilize regular routes to get to an evacuation bus pick-up site. Evacuees should advise the bus operator of their intention to go to an emergency evacuation pick-up site. (Residents can use the trip planner at http://www.miamidade.gov/transit/metrobus.asp.) Emergency Evacuation Bus Pick-Up Sites are identified by a sign that reads “EMERGENCY EVACUATION BUS PICK-UP SITE.” The buses placed into service for the evacuation will have displays that read “EMERGENCY EVACUATION” and these buses will only travel between the Emergency Evacuation Bus Pick-Up Site and the Hurricane Evacuation Center. Please note that the evacuation zones will be determined individually for each storm.

To learn which Emergency Evacuation Bus Pick-Up Sites are active during a particular storm you should listen to the local media, monitor the County’s website at http://www.miamidade.gov/fire/emergency-management.asp, or contact Miami-Dade 3-1-1.

Communities United has developed this page to help you locate the pickup location closest to you. Just enter your full address in the filed below. If you would like to download the Miami-Date 2014 HURRICANE SEASON – EMERGENCY EVACUATION PICK-UP SITES click here.